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Pettyjohn’s has been your go-to professional water store since 1959. We are an independently owned and operated Kinetico dealer that specializes in several other brands as well.

Water FAQ’s

Can you repair products that are not Kinetico?

100%! Our trained experts are well-versed in several water brands. Give us a shout and we’d love to talk to you about any and all repair needs.

What should I do if my water smells strange?

There are multiple smells that can come from our drinking water.

  • Sulfur or Rotten Eggs Odor
  • Chlorine/Bleach Odor
  • Sewage Odor
  • Earthy Odor
  • Metallic Odor

Depending on which odor you’re smelling, you’ll want to contact us for some solutions. Sulfur means hydrogen sulfide, bleach can mean your city has upped the amount of chlorine in the water supply, sewage can mean toxic bacteria, earthy means there is a high tannin concentrate present and metallic can mean a high concentration of iron or a low pH.

Contact Us Today! Speak with our water experts and schedule a test. 

What can I do about Hard Water?

Hard water is water that has high mineral content. It’s a pretty common issue and we can help.

Contact Us for more information.

Do you offer a delivery service?

We do! We can deliver water jugs and bags of salt for your water tank. We also offer service agreements so that you can stay on top of your water and salt needs on a regular basis. Contact Us

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Water issues? Need a test?

Contact Pettyjohn’s directly by phone or the contact form provided. Someone will be in touch to schedule your water test.


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